Club Cops and Robbers

The Club Cops and Robbers fruit Machine is probably the most infamous gambling machine ever made. If like me you were or are a big fan of pushing endless pound coins in the slots then you have probably played in a club where you first met the cops and robbers.

The machine was a big hit especially in snooker club around the UK, I’m not sure why the appeal was so great but it was! Some say the fact it’s about running away from the cops and you  being the other side of the law struck a cord with the kind of people who frequented he clubs and stood for many hours in front of the gambling machines.

My own theory is that the club cops and robbers fruit machine was about the first which became more interactive and was a stepping stone to the now “slot machines” you find in clubs and casino’s which tell a story as you play. No matter what the reason cops and robbers for me in club version was excellent.

The machine was 10p a play and had a £100 jackpot and cashpot available. This later grew as the laws changed to £250 but the £100 was the most popular version of cops and robbers around. The cashpot was always what drew people to the machine, those who knew the game well also knew to listen for the sound of coins continuously falling to the cash box at the bottom of the machine.

If you heard all your coins fall to the cash box bypassing the tubes you knew the machine was full and therefor increased your chances of scooping the jackpot. Whether this was true or not you would often see someone with their ear to the machine as they fed it listening for the noise. You could also sometimes see between the reels and see the tube which again gave an indication of how full it was.

New Cops and Robbers Games

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Times have most definitely changed and the old style gambling machines are not around so much anymore. Touch screens and story type games and much more common place. This does however mean that the cops and robbers fruit machine, along with others of it’s time such as crazy fruits (another huge favorite) have value and collect-ability.

To play cops and robbers now all you have to do is log online and visit Sky Vegas. Here you will find a version called safecracker which to be 100% honest is better, awards more features, huge jackpots and much more than the old club game could.

At Sky Vegas you will get a no deposit bonus and a deposit bonus of up to £150. Give it a try today and see if you can make your way around the cops and robbers feature board, out run the cops and grab the swag!

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