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NetworkWriter to be used with [NetworkWriterPool]

Inherits from NetworkWriter, IDisposable

Public Functions

void Dispose()

Additional inherited members

Public Functions inherited from NetworkWriter

void Reset()
Reset both the position and length of the stream
void SetLength(int newLength)
Sets length, moves position if it is greater than new length
byte [] ToArray()
ArraySegment< byte > ToArraySegment()
void WriteByte(byte value)
void WriteBytes(byte [] buffer, int offset, int count)
void WriteUInt32(uint value)
void WriteInt32(int value)
void WriteUInt64(ulong value)
void WriteInt64(long value)
void Write< T >(T value)
Writes any type that mirror supports

Public Properties inherited from NetworkWriter

int Position

Public Attributes inherited from NetworkWriter

const int MaxStringLength
int Length

Public Functions Documentation

function Dispose

inline void Dispose()

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