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Client used to control websockets More...

Inherited by WebSocketClientStandAlone, WebSocketClientWebGl

Public Events

Action onConnect()
Action onDisconnect()
Action< ArraySegment< byte > > onData()
Action< Exception > onError()

Public Functions

SimpleWebClient Create(int maxMessageSize, int maxMessagesPerTick, TcpConfig tcpConfig)
void ProcessMessageQueue(MonoBehaviour behaviour)
virtual abstract void Connect(Uri serverAddress) =0
virtual abstract void Disconnect() =0
virtual abstract void Send(ArraySegment< byte > segment) =0

Protected Functions

SimpleWebClient(int maxMessageSize, int maxMessagesPerTick)

Public Attributes

ClientState ConnectionState

Protected Attributes

readonly int maxMessageSize
readonly ConcurrentQueue< Message > receiveQueue
readonly BufferPool bufferPool
ClientState state

Detailed Description

class Mirror::SimpleWeb::SimpleWebClient;

Client used to control websockets

Base class used by WebSocketClientWebGl and WebSocketClientStandAlone

Public Events Documentation

event onConnect

Action onConnect()

event onDisconnect

Action onDisconnect()

event onData

Action< ArraySegment< byte > > onData()

event onError

Action< Exception > onError()

Public Functions Documentation

function Create

static inline SimpleWebClient Create(
    int maxMessageSize,
    int maxMessagesPerTick,
    TcpConfig tcpConfig

function ProcessMessageQueue

inline void ProcessMessageQueue(
    MonoBehaviour behaviour

function Connect

virtual abstract void Connect(
    Uri serverAddress
) =0

Reimplemented by: Mirror::SimpleWeb::WebSocketClientWebGl::Connect, Mirror::SimpleWeb::WebSocketClientStandAlone::Connect

function Disconnect

virtual abstract void Disconnect() =0

Reimplemented by: Mirror::SimpleWeb::WebSocketClientWebGl::Disconnect, Mirror::SimpleWeb::WebSocketClientStandAlone::Disconnect

function Send

virtual abstract void Send(
    ArraySegment< byte > segment
) =0

Reimplemented by: Mirror::SimpleWeb::WebSocketClientWebGl::Send, Mirror::SimpleWeb::WebSocketClientStandAlone::Send

Protected Functions Documentation

function SimpleWebClient

inline SimpleWebClient(
    int maxMessageSize,
    int maxMessagesPerTick

Public Attributes Documentation

variable ConnectionState

ClientState ConnectionState => state;

Protected Attributes Documentation

variable maxMessageSize

readonly int maxMessageSize;

variable receiveQueue

readonly ConcurrentQueue< Message > receiveQueue = new ConcurrentQueue<[Message](/Documentation/Cops%20And%20Robbers/Classes/structMirror_1_1SimpleWeb_1_1Message/)>();

variable bufferPool

readonly BufferPool bufferPool;

variable state

ClientState state;

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