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Inherits from NetworkConnectionToClient, NetworkConnection

Public Functions

virtual override void Disconnect()
Disconnects this connection.

Public Attributes

override string address

Additional inherited members

Public Functions inherited from NetworkConnectionToClient

NetworkConnectionToClient(int networkConnectionId)

Public Functions inherited from NetworkConnection

void Send< T >(T msg, int channelId =Channels.DefaultReliable)
This sends a network message with a message ID on the connection. This message is sent on channel zero, which by default is the reliable channel.
override string ToString()
bool InvokeHandler< T >(T msg, int channelId)
This function invokes the registered handler function for a message.

Public Properties inherited from NetworkConnection

NetworkIdentity identity
The NetworkIdentity for this connection.

Public Attributes inherited from NetworkConnection

const int LocalConnectionId
readonly int connectionId
Unique identifier for this connection that is assigned by the transport layer.
bool isAuthenticated
Flag that indicates the client has been authenticated.
object authenticationData
General purpose object to hold authentication data, character selection, tokens, etc. associated with the connection for reference after Authentication completes.
bool isReady
Flag that tells if the connection has been marked as "ready" by a client calling ClientScene.Ready().
float lastMessageTime
The last time that a message was received on this connection.
readonly HashSet< NetworkIdentity > clientOwnedObjects
A list of the NetworkIdentity objects owned by this connection. This list is read-only.

Public Functions Documentation

function ULocalConnectionToClient

inline ULocalConnectionToClient()

function Disconnect

inline virtual override void Disconnect()

Disconnects this connection.

Reimplements: Mirror::NetworkConnection::Disconnect

Public Attributes Documentation

variable address

override string address => "localhost";

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