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Getting started with Development

Follow the following steps to get yourself ready for commiting changes to the repositories

Get the source

  1. Fork the repository to your account
  2. Clone the newly forked repository to your computer with a git client (we are using gitkraken but anything will work)

The source will be downloaded and you are ready for development. Good Luck

Making Changes

Once you have made changes, you will need to upload these to the main repository. By default, our repository does not allow direct pushing to keep the code clean and enforce peer review. You will therefore have to complete the following steps:

  1. Commit your changes using your git client. Smaller commits are generally better as they are easier to review and if needed easier to revert
  2. Push your changes to github
  3. From github, open a pull request to the main repository
  4. Fill out the pull request form and assign yourself and add a reviewer (can have multiple). Add other attributes as necessary
  5. Once you have opened the pull request, you will have to wait for reviewers to read and give feedback on your commits. If they request changes, then make them and merge into the request.
  6. Once they approve you can go ahead and merge your code providing there are no merge conflicts. If you find merge conflicts, then you will have to resolve these by picking which code to keep and what to let go