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PlayerLink Overlay System - Beta

As PlayerLink is developed as a native cross-platform system, accomodations have had to be made for platform-specific code. As a result we have developed the overlay system.

How it works

An overlay is a static library created to be linked onto a PlayerLink library if conditions are met during runtime

Example of Overlay

One of the overlays we have created is the winsockinit overlay which holds code that needs to be included on top of PLAYERLINK_CORE_NET library for Windows devices (winsockinit.h holds code required by Windows to initialise the Winsock2.dll library).

The overlay was created as follows:

  1. Create a mirroring path within src/platfrom/microsoft/win32/overlays mirroring the src directory, In this case we had to add the following subfolders core/net.

  2. In this folder, add your source code. In the case of this example it was winsockinit.h and winsockinit.c.

  3. Create a CMakeLists.txt in the folder and add the following:

    This creates the static library which will be linked into PLAYERLINK_CORE_NET

  4. Now you need to add some code in core/net/CMakeLists.txt to ensure that this library is compiled:

    This chunk of code will link the overlay library if the compiler detects that it is compiling on a Win32 system.

  5. Now in your code, you will have to use macros to include the winsockinit.h file. For example:

    #ifdef WIN32
    #include 'winsockinit.h'
    This will ensure that the defined functions are included in the class that is using them.

Nested Method Calls

We are currently working on a solution to have efficient nested method calls using the overlay system but at the moment you may use pre-processor directives as a workaround

Exclusive Classes and Methods

At the moment we havent yet created a solution to allow for exclusive methods to existing PlayerLink classes but you can include classes using pre-processor directives