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  • struct DFHValues
  • namespace PlayerLink
    Root Namespace for the PlayerLink API.
    • namespace Client
      Shared Library which will be implemented by the client application.
      • class Client
        Client Class which is connected to the game and provides an interface to connect to the server.
    • namespace Core
      Contains source code which is shared by both PlayerLinkServer and PlayerLinkClient. Compiles to a static library.
      • class Logger
        A Singelton Logger class which will be used by PlayerLink to create logs based on a severity level and append to a logfile.
      • class RuntimeException
        exception class for Runtime environment, throws exceptions whenver an issue occurs with connectivity or any other runtime related error occurs
      • class SHA256
      • class Socket
        Lowest socket implementation. This class will be used by top level socket implementations.
      • class TCPSocket
    • namespace Server
      Shared Library which will be implemented by the server application.
      • class Client
      • class GameRoom
      • class GameServer
        A GameServer object which is used to host a game or lobby. It uses three threads to efficiently do this; An accept thread to allow new players to join, a read thread to read packets sent by players to the server and a write thread to relay those messages to the other players.
      • struct Message
      • struct Player
      • class ServerSocket
      • class TCPServer

Updated on 21 January 2021 at 21:34:00 UTC