Luminous Lighting and Mighty Mobile

Written on March 24, 2021 by Ashwin Jaimal


Hello Lighting & Mobile

Hi everyone. So we are on the final stretch of our project now, and the end is in sight. The final deadline is approaching fast and there’s still a few bugs and tweaks we need to iron out to make sure this game is the best it can be for all of our users. In this blog post we will talk about the introduction of lighting into the game and the introduction of our mobile version of the game.


If you have ever played any sort of game whether it’s an indie game, or a fully-fledged triple AAA game you will understand the importance of how lighting makes a huge impact on the visuals of the game. Lighting can really be the make of break of a game successfulness. From games like Ori and the Blind Forest to Forza Horizon, lighting and shadows makes those games look visually stunning. After doing intensive research on what aspect of lighting really makes games stand out, we decided to implement it within our game. We as a team thought being the theme of a bank robbery the only suitable setting would be a night setting. We placed streetlights across the map and dimmed the map to give it a spooky ambient feel. We hope by dimming the map, adding streetlights, adding bank lights and adding subtle ambient lights from the building windows it gives the player a sense of weariness and an on edge feel to expect the unexpected whilst playing our game. We as a team our very proud of how the lighting has turned out to be and really think that it captures the visual imagery we have envisioned our game to be and we cant wait for our users opinions on it.


We have some fantastic news to share for our player base regarding Cops and Robbers. We as a team have decided to make a mobile port of our game to allow mobile users to play our game. From iOS to Android this will allow a bigger range of players to play with one another. After doing some research and taking inspiration from other big successful titles that utilised cross platform play such as Fortnite and Apex Legends we realised by having a mobile version of our game and allowing PC and Mobile users to play together we will have a much bigger player base that isn’t hindered on a platform specific game. We have incorporated several features into our mobile version of the game that will make playing the game easier such as several joysticks and buttons on the screen to help player movement and combat. Currently, we are looking to add haptic feedback into the game to make the user feel more immersed in the game. We hope that by having a mobile version of our game it will grow our player base, make the game more popular and allow friends from different platforms to play with one another.