Changelogs and news from the DerangedSenators team.

It's Go Time!

Release Ready Game Time

April 01, 2021 Hanzalah Ravat

Opening of the Source

Open Sourcing Cops And Robbers

March 28, 2021 Hanzalah Ravat

Introduction of Lighting & Introduction of Mobile Development

Luminous Lighting and Mighty Mobile

March 24, 2021 Ashwin Jaimal

Bye PlayerLink... For now :-(

Migrating to Mirror

December 10, 2020 Hanzalah Ravat

Linking of the Players!

Introducing PlayerLink

November 01, 2020 Hanzalah Ravat

Why we chose unity as the basis for our game

Game Engine

October 17, 2020 Naim Ahmed

Our Game :)

Getting Started

October 15, 2020 Naim Ahmed